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Far From Epic but still a very good day by Ed Valitutto

Jerry Nichols invited me for a day of bass fishing on Thursday 11/30. With both the wind and waves reasonable for venturing outside, only the cold temperatures made things a little uncomfortable but we both were dressed for it. Once

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Multigenerational family fishing Black Friday by Jerry Nichols

After plenty of turkey and football on Thursday, we hit the water on Friday and Saturday fishing for stripers off IBSP. We connected with fish about 2 miles out with two overs and a couple shorts on Friday and then

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Tog Mania by Marty Friedrich

On November 16, I had a great tog trip with Wil, Paul and my buddy Bob. We ended up with 18 keepers before we ran out of bait after starting with 9 dozen crabs! Paul had a 10 lb 1

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Epic Striper Fishing on the Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

Brian, Tyler, friend Smity and I left the dock at 5:45 AM heading to IBSP. We wound up going past Ortley before we started seeing life. Started catching there and then headed back south. The fish were all over the

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