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LE Reef Fishing by Marty Friedrich

Great day on the reef on Thursday August 26. Wil had the spotlight again with a 5 and 6+lb fluke! The 6lb was with a double.  My biggest was 4lb and we had our 2 man limit by 1:00. I

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Fantastic Day on The Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

What a day to say the least! We left my dock at 5:15 Thursday morning (8/26) and headed south to Garden State South. This was the most fishermen ever on my boat (7). Included were VHFC members Brian, Tyler, Carter, Brendan,

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Another Good Fluke Day by Marty Friedrich

Another hot fluke day yesterday 10 August. We caught a 2 man limit with the biggest just over 5 1/2 lbs and 24 3/4 inches. We had 5 fish by 9:30 but then it took 3 hours to get the

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Tuna Trip on The Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

My son Brian & I left the dock at 4:30 AM heading out past Little Italy and enjoyed a pleasant ride out. Even though the weather was supposed to be a bit sporty in the morning and nicer as day

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Got a Nice Flounder by Marty Friedrich

We had a good day on Saturday August 7th outside North of the red tower. We got 5 keepers all over 20 inches and I caught one just over 6 lbs. That’s a good day in my book!

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Reel Reaction Charter Fun by Ed Valitutto

Al Goracy and I booked a charter with our grandsons Nick and Chayton, on Brett Taylor’s Reel Reaction Fishing for a 4 hour bay trip that ran from 11:00 to 3:00 on Friday August 6. We had a blast enjoying

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A fish and a rod by Dave Spendiff

My solo trip to the Barnegat Reef began as I left my dock at 5:20 AM on Tuesday, August 3rd. It was an overcast chilly morning, particularly when you are wearing shorts! The inlet was as calm as I have

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The Blowfish are Here by Ed Valitutto

Today August 2, my grandsons and daughter decided it would be a good day for blowfishing. Two days prior when fluking near the artificial island just south of Oyster Creek, I noticed several boats anchored and fishing for the puffers.

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Spectacular Day Fishing on The Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

Today, 31 July, was a dynamite day fluke fishing on The Jen-Jen. We went to Axle Carlson in the morning but not much was happening there today other than shorts. We started heading back and fished several spots along IBSP.

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