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Still Hammering Fluke by Martin Friedrich

By Martin Friedrich My fishing buddy Wil and I fished Wednesday 9/16 near L E reef and caught 7 keeper’s biggest was 23 inches 4 lbs. I fished today by myself got my 5 fish just north of the rutgers

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No weaks in Middle Grounds by Basil Dubrosky

Basil Dubrosky fished the Middle Grounds early on 9/18/15 with light tackle and sheddar crab on small jigs. The water was flat but there was a good drift on the incoming tide. No weaks to be seen, only junk fish.

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Big Fluke on Little Egg Reef

On 9/16/ 2015 Basil Dubrosky and Bill Dabney went out to the Little Egg Reef on Basil’s boat “Togman” and caught about 25 fluke with 2 large keepers. Bill caught one 6.24 pounds and Basil got one slightly smaller. Large

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Last Minute Fluke

By Martin Friedrich 9/12/15 Got up this morning Looked Outside Check the weather report and seen it had changedDecided to go out and do some flounder fishing On little Egg reef Just Shorts So I Went just north of the

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Fluke fishing hot on Little Egg Reef

Basil Dubrosky fished the Little Egg Reef site on his boat “Togman” on September 3 with a neighbor. We caught about 40 fluke with 3 keepers to 24 inches. For the most part, squid and spearing used on spinner rigs

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