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Way Too Windy Conditions by Ed Valitutto

After a last minute fishing invite from member Alan Goracy, we left his dock Monday June 25th with strong NW winds and headed North to DC channel. We joked that despite the sloppy seas going out, the trip home would be

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Father’s Day Surf Fishing by Joe Filice

Took my son and grandkids to a cut in the bar I saw at low tide, hoping to score some stripers. Put out a bunker chunk on a PENN Slammer for my son. I loaded up my favorite Avet Reel

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Flounder Report by Marty Friedrich

I fished half a day on June 12th. It was very windy but managed two keepers – 181/2 and a 19. I fished again on Friday the 15th. It seems like the wind just will not stop. It was wind

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Fluke on maiden voyage in my new HOBIE 17” Kayak by Joe Filice

Took my maiden voyage on my new Hobie Mirage 17 Kayak with my grandson, Ben. Launched in Beach Haven and fished the incoming tide. First drift, Ben had a 22 1/2 3.26 lb Fluke on a killie. I had a

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Fluke by Aaron Allison and Craig Hotter

My friend Craig and I fished the north end of Barnegat Bay Saturday, June 9th on the outgoing tide. We caught our limits with the nicest fish at 6lbs on the dot and a second nice one at 4.78lbs. 

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Saturday June 2 by Marty Friedrich

Went out Saturday afternoon for the outgoing tide fishing Great Bay. I picked up two nice keepers – a 19″ and a 23″ along with a half dozen shorts

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Great Bay Fluke by Carl Wolfarth

Carl and a couple of his fishing buddies put together a nice catch of flounder on opening day. They had 8 keepers with the biggest 23 inches

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