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Weakfish by Dave Sikorski

After hearing some rumors (reports) of weakfish being caught in our area, I decided to give it a try this weekend. Saturday morning started out a lot windier than the 5-10 that was forecast, so I deferred till Sunday. I

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Fluke were biting

Basil Dubrosky fished 4 miles off the Barnegat Inlet on August 17. I caught 30 fluke with 5 keepers to 4 pounds. Bait was imported spearing on fluke belly. Drift was fast requiring 8-10 ounces. Fish were hungry.

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Fluke Report

By Martin Friedrich on left, with help from friends Paul and Roy we put together a nice catch of flounder 5 lbs, 2-4 lbs, 6 over 20″. Total of 15 off the red tower in 55-60 ft of water on

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