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Two Just Made It by Ed Valitutto

The plan was for Alan Goracy and his daughter Lauren visiting from Vermont to join me for a day fluke fishing on 29 June. Unfortunately, a late arrival the evening before resulted in only Alan showing up at my dock

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Busy Weekend Fluke Fishing by Ed Valitutto

The last weekend in June was a good one for fishing. On Friday, I wanted to gas up my boat so I took a ride over to Morrison’s. I also took a rod with a few killies I had. My

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Another Decent Day at the North Cut by Ed Valitutto

Dave Spendiff and Alan Goracy joined me for a day of fishing the north cut off Double Creek channel. We started at High Bar but a strong current and a brisk crosswind made fishing the narrow channel difficult. We then

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It Was All Dave, Dave, Dave! by Ed Valitutto

Is there anything worse than a day where the only thing you caught was a short belly hooked fluke? Yes there is! It’s a day where the guy next to you catches four keepers and four shorts! Dave Spendiff and

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