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Sunday on the Carolyn Anne III by Greg Ruffing

Sunday I went fishing on the Carolyn Anne for Tog. A light crowd, nice weather and smooth seas made for a fine day. After witnessing a 9 lb and 8 lb Tog come aboard, I cast aside Bob Misak’s jigging

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Hail! Hail! The Gangs All Here! by Ed Valitutto

It all started with a call from Caesar Friday night reporting that the perch were hitting in Mill Creek and did I want to fish. Saturday was out so we decided to meet on Sunday. My buddy and member Alan

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It’s a Jungle Out There by Dave Spendiff

I made a trip to the Oyster Creek outflow hoping to pick up a few stripers. Mill creek was 45 degrees, the bay 42.5 and Oyster creek 53 when I arrived and 56 when I departed around 3pm. I marked

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