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Last Minute Trip by Ed Valitutto

With the weather so nice, I decided early this morning to take a short trip to the LE buoy near the Middle Grounds for a little fishing. The flies were scarce and the drift was perfect. I caught several shorts,

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Good trip by marty friedrich

Finally had a decent trip in the ocean! I took my neighbor and we went 12 miles out to fish a couple of wrecks. All together we had a nice catch of 5 flounder including 1 over at 22 3/4″

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Nice Trip North Today by Larry Leary

Brian, Addison, Carter and I went north today. We fished several wrecks and the Seaside pipe. We were able to keep 4 overs, 3 slots and 1 sea bass. There were also lots of shorts in the mix until the

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Mixed Bag Today by Ed Valitutto

Not only was the weather forecast for Friday exceptional, but my trolling motor was finally fixed – a broken battery cable that was initially bent and broke due to vibration. Friday was also the last day of a long visit

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Tog Season is Here! by Larry Leary

We did a late day trip and left my dock at 1:30 heading for several wrecks off BI. We had quite a number of throw backs, so we decided to fish the inlet rocks which produced 5 nice keepers to

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