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Final Days by Marty Friedrich

I got out Monday the 17th and took my buddy Paul on the final week of fluke season. It was a little bumpy on Little Egg Reef. I managed to get my three keepers but Paul wasn’t so lucky. We

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Jen-Jen Does It Again By Larry Leary

I’m glad we were able to get out today (9/6) and return to Little Egg reef. Unfortunately, the forecast would turn out to be way off. The National Weather Service had called for 2-3 foot seas at 10 second intervals.

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Two Unbelievable Days at Little Egg Reef by Larry Leary

Larry Leary, my son Brian and my grandkids went out fishing this Labor Day weekend. On Sunday we caught 11 keepers and on Monday we outdid ourselves with 15 keepers. The pictures in this report were all from Monday’s trip.

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Another Great Fluke Trip on Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

Brian Leary & the grandkids fished the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club Fluke Tournament and lost third place by only 4 oz! Still a great effort by them. Since the winning tournament fish were caught at the LE Reef,

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Another Good Day at BL Reef by Ed Valitutto

Once again, with good seas forecasted, Alan Goracy and I made another trip to the BL reef on Monday 8/27. And once again, he out fished me. Alan had three fluke and a Spanish Mackerel (we think) and I had

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Nice Day at Barnegat Light Reef by Ed Valitutto

With sunny skies, light winds and 2 foot or less seas, Alan Goracy joined me for a trip outside the inlet. For once, all predictions were accurate. We made the quick trip east of the inlet and joined about 150

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Fluke Fishing on Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

Fishing at the Tires, Junior member Brendan Jelly caught this 4.46 lb Fluke. In addition, he and his Brother Tyler Leary caught 7 other keepers. We also had 2 Bonito and a Spanish Mackerel! Great day fishing with the grandkids.

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Garden State South Sea Bass by Pat Presutto

With the calm wind forecast, I decided to make a trip to the Garden State South reef. Unfortunately, my efforts produced lots of shorts – both fluke and seabass. But I did manage to land a nice 3 lb. sea

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Trip to the LE Reef by Ed Valitutto

With the bay keepers few and far between and very calm seas, Caesar and I made the trip outside to Little Egg Reef. We worked hard for about a dozen shorts and 3 keepers – 18, 19 and 21. No

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Slow catching by Marty Friedrich

I fished the past 2 days. On Sunday, I fished with a friend on Little Egg reef. We had a slow day with only 12 throwback fluke, 1 legal sea bass and a few shorts. I fished Monday with a

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There’s something fishy about beer these days. Fish Tail Ale is popular as ever, and New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewery is one of the state’s largest specialty breweries. There’s also Washington’s Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, Florida’s Land Shark beer, Delaware’s Dogfish Head beer, and two versions of Stingray beer—a lighter version from the Cayman Islands and a dark beer from Canada.
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