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South Bay Heats Up By Larry Leary

Went south to Great Bay for some fluke fishing. We caught 8 shorts and had 2 keepers. My grandson Carter had a nice 20” fluke. Hopefully fishing will keep getting better!

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Salty or Sweet – Makes No Difference to the Leary Boys by Larry Leary

Per granddad Larry, his grandsons went lake fishing off Route 72 to test their freshwater skills. The boys have caught and released several like the nice largemouth bass Tyler is holding. As far as fluking, Larry said they have not

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Nice White Perch Caught by Tyler Leary

Just when it looked like this year’s new Perch FOM category was going to lack an entry, Larry Leary notified me that his grandson VHFC Jr angler Tyler Leary caught this beauty last night in the lagoon behind his house.

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Bottom Charter Ling Bonanza by Ed Valitutto

Bob Dodds, Phil Simon, Gene Geld and I signed up for the IFISSH bottom trip on the Voyager out of Point Pleasant for Sunday June 9th. This trip was run by Rutgers Doug Zemeckis who spoke at our April meeting.

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First 2019 Keeper Fluke by Ed Valitutto

The 2019 fluke season has been slow starting for me. VHFC member Bob Dodds joined me for a morning of fishing this past Tuesday. We started in Double Creek where several recent trips had yielded nothing but a few shorts.

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Great Day with CAPT Greg Cudnick by Bob Dodds

On Tuesday morning 5/28, my son-in-law Eric and I met Capt. Greg at 5:30 in Barnegat Light. Because of potential bad weather, we opted to fish in the inlet near the end of the north jetty for stripers and blues.

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Super Day on the Super Chic by Carmine Tocci

I fished on the Super Chic on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and like the boat’s name, both weather and fishing were absolutely super! I caught close to 90 seabass and 6 ling. I kept the ling and my

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Victory at Sea by Ed Valitutto

No not victory as we won something, but a reference to the old navy WWII TV series showing ships battling large waves as well as the enemy. Bill Dabney, Dave Spendiff and I hoped for a good start to the

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Big Blue in Great Bay by Bill Dabney

After working on my boat all morning to get it ready for the the new season, I decided to try for blues in the white caps of Great Bay. After bouncing around for a while I hooked into a nice

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Another Opening Day Limit of Seabass & Blues by Carmine Tocci

I went out opening day of seabass with a few friends on the Super Chic. I limited out on the seabass within 2 hours with the largest weighed in at FHQ being 2.6 lbs. I then used an Ava47 with

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Of the fifty United States, thirty-eight have a striped-bass record. New Jersey has the largest striped-bass record—a 78-pound 8·ounce whopper that was caught in 1982. The state with the smallest striped-bass record is Iowa. That landlocked striper weighed only 9 pounds 4 ounces and was caught in 1983.
There’s something fishy about beer these days. Fish Tail Ale is popular as ever, and New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewery is one of the state’s largest specialty breweries. There’s also Washington’s Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, Florida’s Land Shark beer, Delaware’s Dogfish Head beer, and two versions of Stingray beer—a lighter version from the Cayman Islands and a dark beer from Canada.
The triangle fly is probably the most unusual of saltwater flies. It’s one of the few, if not only, flies tied to a treble hook. It’s also barely a fly at all, because hardly any material is used. It is complete after tying the two straw pearl twinkle flashes and the tiny tuft of natural squirrel, leaving an entire hook fully exposed. Incredibly this barebacked treble fly is a knockout when it comes to sea trout.

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