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Marco Island Back Bay Trip by Joe Filice

Took a back bay trip on a shared charter with my buddy Tom while down in Marco Island, FL. Fishing was slow along the mangroves with no keepers and only two small snappers. Ended fishing along a sea wall and

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Florida Surprise by Ed Valitutto

Today we decided to stop at a small inlet feeding the bay area around Pine Island FL. I bought a dozen shrimp for bait and threaded a half shrimp on a small hook with a few split shots for weight.

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Florida Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish by Basil Dubrosky

Fishing for trout is slow due to the red tide event but bluefish and Spanish mackerel are hitting Gulp on jigs in Sarasota bay. White shrimp with a chartreuse tail Gulp on a 1/16 jig fished fast does the trick.

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Florida Speckled Sea Trout by Ed Valitutto

For the second year, my wife Pat and I are down in warm Cape Coral in sunny southwest Florida. We arrived January 3rd and will depart on 28 February. As nice as everything is here, the fishing is still recovering

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Small Stripers on the beach by Donna Harris

Fished the beach this last weekend of the LBI Surf Fishing Classic despite the finger freezing weather. There were small bass in the trough hitting on metal lures with teasers. Caught one short on a metal (it was too cold

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The Leary Clan Strikes Again by Larry Leary

What a beautiful day I had fishing on Sunday 18 November with my son Brian and grandsons Mark, Brendan and Tyler. We put 2 in the box and missed 3. All off Seaside with literally hundred of boats out on

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Fishing on The Jen-Jen by Larry Leary

On Nov 11, Brian took Tyler,Carter & Brendan out striper fishing. They fished by Lavallette and kept 5 bass. The largest was caught by Carter and weighed 26.96 lbs at FHQ. They released another 7 fish caught on trolling mojos

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Bass in the Bay by Carl Wolfarth

Despite the lack of reports of stripers in the ocean and the continued strong winds and wave action, Carl Wolfarth fished the back bay and caught this monster 39 lb / 44 inch bass drifting eels!

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Porgies! Porgies! Porgies! by Ed Valitutto

            The VHFC Bottom Fishing Trip was held on 25 October on the Dauntless out of Point Pleasant, NJ. Members Marty Friedrich, Caesar Pesarini, Diana & Carmine Tocci and Ed Valitutto enjoyed lovely fall weather

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Final Days by Marty Friedrich

I got out Monday the 17th and took my buddy Paul on the final week of fluke season. It was a little bumpy on Little Egg Reef. I managed to get my three keepers but Paul wasn’t so lucky. We

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Of the fifty United States, thirty-eight have a striped-bass record. New Jersey has the largest striped-bass record—a 78-pound 8·ounce whopper that was caught in 1982. The state with the smallest striped-bass record is Iowa. That landlocked striper weighed only 9 pounds 4 ounces and was caught in 1983.
There’s something fishy about beer these days. Fish Tail Ale is popular as ever, and New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewery is one of the state’s largest specialty breweries. There’s also Washington’s Wild Salmon Organic Pale Ale, Florida’s Land Shark beer, Delaware’s Dogfish Head beer, and two versions of Stingray beer—a lighter version from the Cayman Islands and a dark beer from Canada.
The triangle fly is probably the most unusual of saltwater flies. It’s one of the few, if not only, flies tied to a treble hook. It’s also barely a fly at all, because hardly any material is used. It is complete after tying the two straw pearl twinkle flashes and the tiny tuft of natural squirrel, leaving an entire hook fully exposed. Incredibly this barebacked treble fly is a knockout when it comes to sea trout.

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